Another Year of redIQ: 2021

Another Year of redIQ

redIQ’s more than 500 client companies stayed busy this year. Whether working from home or from the office, the multifamily professionals who rely on our platform uploaded more than 200,000 rent rolls and created  110,000 deals worth more than $550 billion.

New Features. New Testimonials. New Content.

The teams at redIQ stayed busy too. More than 100 companies, including some of the nation’s top multifamily investors, brokers, and lenders chose to make our services a crucial part of their underwriting process. We added new functionality, including the ability to process operating statements and expanded underwriting capabilities. Read more about what we accomplished this year below.

New Features

  • The new Bridge Loan and Future Value Refinance Sizers, built in close consultation with a number of clients, add the ability to size bridge loans, adjust loan draws to fund future capital expenditures, and the ability to model a future refinancing based on the projected value of an asset at the end of a bridge loan term. Click through to the redIQ blog to learn more.
  • The new Operating Statements Processor allows users to upload financials with the same simple drag-and-drop process that currently allows them to effortlessly standardize rent rolls. This release means users will experience fewer human errors, will have do less tedious work, and will have more time to spend on other critical responsibilities. To read more, click here.

New Testimonials

  • ResProp Management’s business development team relies on redIQ to underwrite dozens of deals a day. Click on the video above to hear about how they rely on our services to add value for clients and win more business.
  • Ameritus trusts redIQ to allow them to compete with the biggest bidders in the multifamily industry. Download the case study to discover how.
  • David Gerber, Founder and Managing Member at Cove Investments, wears a lot of hats. To balance all his responsibilities while delivering quick, consistent underwritings, David trusts redIQ to get the job done. Head to the redIQ blog to discover more.

New Content

  • Visit our new product page for a comprehensive, easily navigable overview of every offering redIQ has for multifamily professionals.
  • View our multifamily heat map to see which metro areas were most popular month-over-month for those underwriting in dataIQ in April this year.

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About redIQ

For over ten years, redIQ has provided a comprehensive and dependable underwriting service for multifamily acquisitions teams, brokers, and lenders focused on mid and large-size assets. redIQ’s solutions lead the industry and support the full underwriting process, from standardizing financial documents to producing a final valuation. With our system, analysis takes less time and decision makers can move forward with greater confidence. redIQ users can close more deals, produce better returns, and spend less time worrying about downside. 

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