Multifamily Underwriting Case Study: Ameritus

Ameritus and redIQ: Multifamily Case Study

Justin Ohrmundt was a redIQ pro when he joined Ameritus, trusting the service to automatically standardize deal financials and underwrite deals in less time. After underwriting a few deals at Ameritus without the service, he decided it was time to introduce his new team to redIQ. They haven’t looked back, and redIQ now allows them to compete with the multifamily industry’s biggest bidders.

Sound like redIQ could work for your team? Download the the multifamily underwriting case study below to hear from David and to learn more about how the team at Ameritus saves time and gains precision using redIQ.

About redIQ

 Since 2012, redIQ has provided a comprehensive underwriting solution for institutional multifamily investors, brokers, and lenders. redIQ’s solutions support the full underwriting process, from standardizing financial documents to producing a final valuation. With our system, analysis takes less time and decision makers can move forward with greater confidence. redIQ users can close more deals, produce better returns, and spend less time worrying about downside.

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