Multifamily Underwriting Case Study: ResProp

ResProp and redIQ: Multifamily Case Study

As members of ResProp Management’s business development team, Luke Leins and Ben Adler review dozens of multifamily deals every day, train new associates, and work closely with clients. Those responsibilities mean underwriting with speed is crucial, and relying on a manual model didn’t provide the efficiency their work demands.

That’s why Luke and Ben rely on redIQ. With redIQ’s suite of services and support teams in their corner, analysis takes less time and they can focus on adding value for clients and winning more business. If you haven’t seen our video about ResProp, watch that here. When you’re done watching, download the case study here.

About redIQ

Since 2012, redIQ has provided a comprehensive underwriting solution for institutional multifamily investors, brokers, and lenders. redIQ’s solutions support the full underwriting process, from standardizing financial documents to producing a final valuation. With our system, analysis takes less time and decision makers can move forward with greater confidence. redIQ users can close more deals, produce better returns, and spend less time worrying about downside.

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