Companies with dataIQ subscriptions gain more than software. Users can rely on our world-class support teams to answer questions, provide trainings, and assist with tough-to-standardize financials.

dataIQ’s multifamily underwriting service provides lightning-fast deal document standardization, allowing acquisitions teams, brokers, and mortgage bankers to understand a property’s value more quickly.

Support Teams

Customer Success Managers

Every dataIQ account has a dedicated Customer Success Manager, available to answer questions about the platform as they arise. CSMs also onboard teams upon subscription and when new team members are hired. Beyond onboarding, they provide training sessions so everyone with access to redIQ understands how to get the most possible value from the service.

CSMs will proactively reach out when redIQ’s Product team releases new features, making sure that everyone understands their subscription and guaranteeing there’s clear answers when new functionality gets added. redIQ users can work in full confidence questions will have answers and that feedback will be heard.

Client Support

redIQ boasts the industry’s highest initial capture rate for rent rolls and deal financials. However, when users encounter edge cases that do not upload on the first try, that doesn’t mean clients have to revert to manual processing.

Our Client Support team of more than 42 can handle even the most difficult back-of-the-envelope rent roll. After an easy submission process, users can expect the standardized financials in the relevant deal in no more than 24 hours.

Financial Analysts

Clients using our modeling products—valuationIQ and QuickSync—also receive support from our Financial Analysts. This dedicated team handles all questions related to our modeling products, and provides guidance for uncommon situations. To guarantee an easy transition from existing valuation solutions, the team leads onboarding and training sessions, and assists with integrating QuickSync into client models.

redIQ’s in-house expertise means there’s no need to worry about losing a star analyst—the team will train your next Excel wizard. This support reduces the time it takes to underwrite and unlocks permanent improvements in productivity and consistency.

Knowledge Base

redIQ’s Knowledge Base contains an FAQ section and a Community Forum to address client questions. Our FAQs provide information about all our offerings. If you have a question that isn’t addressed by the FAQs, head to our Community Forum and find a post that provides the answer you need, or create a new topic. Other clients and redIQ staff will weigh in, and get you back on track.