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Better insights.

dataIQ takes essential but tedious work off your plate by capturing and standardizing information from rent rolls and operating statements. redIQ converts the data into your own chart of accounts, and delivers presentation-ready, downloadable charts and graphs, and delivers deep insights into your properties.

  • Standardize property financials for every deal that comes across your desk
  • Identify financial anomalies and gain insight into outliers, risk, and potential upside
  • Leverage your own dynamic deal database to build comps and identify trends
  • And much more
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Faster underwriting.

redIQ offers two paths to supercharged underwriting: valuationIQ, our institutional-grade, Excel-based underwriting model; and QuickSync, an Excel add-in that instantaneously populates your proprietary model, in any Excel template, with just the click of a button.


You may love the speedy processing and deep insights that redIQ offers but prefer to continue with your own model. Not to worry, we have the solution. QuickSync sits right on your Excel ribbon, and instantly populates your model with the data you have stored in redIQ. QuickSync’s seamless integration with any Excel template on any platform ensures an easier workflow, improved version control, and reduces the risk of human error. And it does it all with just the click of a button. Check out the video below to learn more.


valuationIQ automatically incorporates operating data uploaded into redIQ, and allows users to factor in their own assumptions, such as cap-rate sensitivities, projected impact of value-add improvements, etc., in order to generate a clear look into a property’s potential worth. valuationIQ guarantees a streamlined multifamily underwriting process for you and your team.

With valuationIQ you can:

  • Generate a fast and powerful underwriting model that delivers trustworthy results with the most up-to-date data
  • Maintain tight integration with Excel and export any data from the platform with just one click
  • Examine multiple underwriting scenarios based your own assumptions
  • Access our preset assumptions feature, which allows you to create templated assumptions sets for any type of deal that you underwrite

Smarter investing.

redIQ understands that processing data efficiently, accessing deep and meaningful insights, and underwriting properties with speed and accuracy are all essential to making smart and profitable multifamily investments or to advising your clients in their investment decisions. Our platform empowers users to focus on what’s most important by providing the tools that eliminate the arduous work involved with analyzing and underwriting properties. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the short video to the right, or download one of our case studies. Then request a demo today to see for yourself how redIQ is transforming the multifamily investment industry.