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Transforming Multifamily Underwriting

Multifamily investors, brokers, and lenders rely on redIQ’s full suite of solutions to take a deal from disparate source documents all the way to a completed underwriting faster than ever thought possible


Use dataIQ to extract and standardize rent rolls and operating statements. From there—screen, compare, and share deals plus so much more.

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An Excel add-in that populates proprietary models. Works with any Excel template, drawing information from dataIQ with a click.

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An institutional-grade, Excel-based underwriting model. Created, maintained, and supported by our in-house financial analysts.

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Key Features

Capture and Standardize Data

Visualize and Analyze

Build Comps and Aggregate Data

Screen Deals Quickly

Institutional-Grade Modeling

Structured Finance (Bridge, Mezz)

Excel Integration

Use Your Own Model Template

Source Property Listings


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Capture. Standardize. Analyze. Compare.

Eliminate tedious work by capturing and standardizing information from rent rolls and deal financials. Align data with any custom chart of accounts. Generate report-ready visuals that instantly provide deep property insights to share with stakeholders and produce comps for later reference.

Capture and Standardize Data

  • Drag and drop to extract data from rent rolls and property financials, mapping directly to your custom chart of accounts
  • Works with Excel or PDF documents generated by major property management systems like Yardi, Entrata, ResMan, AMSI and others
  • Cleanly visualize cash flows, floorplan summaries, and leasing trends with customizable filters, like lease types and rennovation status
  • With the Operating Statement Processor feature, capture and standardize even more data for your analysis and underwriting – it's as simple as dragging and dropping an operating statement into our processor
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Detect Anomalies

  • Detects and alerts users of anomalies in rent rolls and operating statements, such as unusual rents, and inaccurate lease dates
  • Eliminate the need to painstakingly review every unit and cell by highlighting possible errors automatically
  • Make adjustments on the fly without losing original values
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Decide Quickly

  • FirstPass empowers users to digitally perform a lightning-fast back-of-the-envelope analysis
  • Determine property value, project returns, and eliminate properties that don’t work to focus on the ones that do
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Build Comps

  • Every underwritten deal permanently exists in an easily searchable database, eliminating crowded folders and disorganized war rooms
  • Turn uploaded deals into highly-specific comps, meaning no more reliance on generic, outdated third-party data
  • End guesswork about line-item expenses by creating comps from data mapped to custom charts of accounts
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Sync Any Underwriting Template

An Excel plugin that populates any model with deal information standardized in dataIQ. Even populating complex proprietary models becomes easy. Rely on your own model while benefiting from dataIQ’s speed and accuracy.

Fast, Accurate Underwritings

  • Reduces the risk of human error while improving version control
  • Eliminates manual data entry when populating your model
redIQ Delivers Accurate Underwriting

Compliments Your Current Workflow

  • Continue using your preferred operating system, whether that’s Windows, macOS, or Excel Online
  • Rely on your time-tested models, fine-tuned to reflect years of experience
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The Ultimate Multifamily Underwriting Model

Get the sophistication of an institutional-grade Excel model that’s fully connected to dataIQ. valuationIQ allows users to factor in detailed assumptions for a full range of customizable scenarios and guarantees a streamlined multifamily underwriting process for teams of all sizes.

Trust the best

  • Rely on the only multifamily underwriting model that has been continuously improved for a decade based on feedback from the most experienced multifamily professionals
  • Deploy a model suited for both initial analysis and in-depth underwriting
  • Supports multifamily assets including: stabilized, value-add, affordable, manufactured, and others
  • Highly specialized Excel experience that streamlines underwriting process while keeping return metrics available at a glance
See How redIQ Underwriting is Like No Other

Never Lose Expertise

  • Comprehensive onboarding and training from redIQ’s seasoned financial analysts means no more lost expertise if a star underwriter or Excel wizard leaves
  • Reliable support reduces time and effort spent handling edge cases
  • Ease of use and fast time to mastery unlock permanent improvements in productivity, consistency, and speed
Why Clients Rely on redIQ

Accurate and Reliable

  • No more copy and paste: full integration with dataIQ means fewer errors and consistent results
  • Navigate the model with precision and exercise total control using a proprietary, built-in Excel ribbon
  • Battle-tested for a decade, and trusted by companies including Nuveen, Alliance Residential, and Ameritus to complete $750 billion in multifamily acquisitions
  • Seamlessly pull in the newest operating data with the click of a button
  • Save time underwriting with preset assumptions that populate automatically
Learn How valuationIQ Syncs with the Platform

Advanced Modeling Functions

  • Detailed sensitivity analysis allows the exploration of a wide range of scenarios
  • Approach valuation however you want, with multiple options that ensure the highest accuracy
  • Quickly build a detailed CapEx and renovation schedule
  • Save the model in redIQ to streamline collaboration with team members
  • Track the timing of all cash flows on a monthly and annual level
  • Enter assumptions for varied capital stacks, accounting for assumed or newly originated debt and different partnership structures
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Spend more time analyzing, chasing, and soliciting deals in the pursuit of higher risk/return tradeoff See redIQ in Action

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Get accurate debt quotes back to your clients in record times See redIQ in Action

Gather Data Gather Data Gather Data
Standardize deal documents and address anomalies Standardize deal documents and address anomalies Standardize deal documents and address anomalies
Full Underwriting Full Underwriting Full Underwriting
Leverage standardized data to populate a model Leverage standardized data to populate a model Leverage standardized data to populate a model
Make an Offer Pitch and Sell Move to Close
Make a fully-informed bid and move on to the next deal Contact clients with total confidence in a property’s value Close the deal with total confidence in a property’s value

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