UNLOCKED: Multifamily Activity Heat Map

Now Unlocked: A Dynamic Underwriting Map Drawn from redIQ Data

Each year, 40% of all deals underwritten in the country pass through redIQ, a substantial portion of overall underwriting activity. Two weeks ago, for the first time, we released a map featuring that data from the last 30 days, visualized and grouped by metro area, providing meaningful insight into the popularity of a given market. After the tremendous interest in the map we saw, we’ve decided to unlock it for everyone to see.

Get an idea of what’s happening in your preferred markets now rather than waiting for a report or assembling one yourself.

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About redIQ

Since 2012, redIQ has led in the multifamily analytics and underwriting software space. Six of the top ten acquisitions teams and eight of the top ten brokerages rely on redIQ daily. Every year, more than 30% of all multifamily transactions pass through the platform. Our platform allows CRE professionals to extract and standardize data from deal financials instantaneously, gain deep insights into every property, and generate a comprehensive underwriting, with our model or their own. Our robust set of features includes floor plan summaries, cash flow analysis, hyperlocal comp sets, easy deal sharing, preset assumptions underwriting templates, and more. redIQ will always provide better insights and faster underwriting. These empower our users to make smarter investment decisions.   

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