Your Model, Your Data, Powered by QuickSync

Your Model, Your Data, Powered by QuickSync.

redIQ began in 2012 by offering multifamily professionals a pre-built proforma model, saving them the time it takes to painstakingly develop their own. redIQ has expanded since then, and now processes and standardizes rent rolls and historicals, boasts a support team capable of fielding your toughest questions, and more.  

Clients love the clean charts redIQ provides after it processes financials. The platform delivers loss-to-lease burnoff analysis, rent-to-occupancy trends, and renovation schedules. Many clients use our standardized data to populate their secret sauce models. To better meet their needs, redIQ offers QuickSync, an Excel add-inQuickSync allows users to seamlessly integrate data from the redIQ platform into their proprietary model.  

 Anyone working with the platform’s rent roll analysis feature can avoid the tedious copy-and-pasting of information into Excel with QuickSync. Just click the button and QuickSync instantaneously will populate your model with the data you have stored in redIQ. QuickSync reduces human error, facilitates an easier workflow, makes version control painless, and much more. These time-savings allow multifamily professionals to focus on deal sourcing, producing in-depth analysis, and closing more deals.  

 About redIQ 

 redIQ is the most trusted deal analysis and underwriting platform on the market for multifamily owners, brokers, and lenders. Our platform allows CRE professionals to extract data automatically from PDF and Excel rent rolls and operating statements and sync standardized data into institutional-caliber Excel models, and includes the ability to generate comps from highly reliable underwriting data sets among many other powerful features. Whether performing a cursory analysis or a full underwriting, redIQ’s clients execute more deals with greater speed, accuracy, and confidence. 

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