Multifamily Underwriting Case Study: Berkadia Student Housing

Berkadia and redIQ: Multifamily Case Study

Nick Swoboda, a Financial Analyst at Berkadia, focuses on student housing and has long been an enthusiastic user of redIQ’s online platform. When he learned about QuickSync, redIQ’s solution for easily integrating standardized redIQ data with proprietary underwriting models, he was skeptical that it could work for him. However, since a brief setup call with redIQ, he’s been able to rely on QuickSync to rapidly populate his model, allowing him to apply his expertise to deals in less time.

Read more about Nick’s experience with redIQ and QuickSync by downloading the case study below.

About QuickSync

QuickSync allows redIQ clients to connect any proprietary Excel model with data standardized in redIQ’s online platform. Anyone working with the platform’s rent roll analysis feature can avoid the tedious copy-and-pasting of information into Excel with QuickSync. The plugin reduces human error, facilitates an easier workflow, makes version control painless, and much more. These time-savings allow multifamily professionals to focus on deal sourcing, producing in-depth analysis, and closing more deals. The best part? It works on any version of Excel, whether that’s on macOS, Windows, or Office 365.

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