Go from Analyst to All-Star with redIQ

If you love processing rent rolls by hand, redIQ isn’t for you. If you enjoy working through the night, stick to Excel—you won’t like our platform.

However, if you dream of a world where rent rolls flow from your inbox directly into your model, then redIQ is exactly what you need. Go from analyst to all-star and impress your boss—and coworkers—along the way.

So what does an all-star look like? Imagine this: screening more deals, underwriting more deals, and getting more deals across your boss’s desk with total confidence in your analysis. By automating your workflow with redIQ, you can step into a world that lets you quickly standardize rent rolls, detect financial anomalies, and generate comps with just a click. Join thousands of users who have found a better way to analyze and underwrite deals – often in as little as 30 minutes.

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Transform the analysis and underwriting of your multifamily properties.

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