WATCH: SmartMap+ Expedites the Mapping of Operating Statements

Watch our video to learn more about SmartMap+, a powerful feature from redIQ

redIQ’s SmartMap+ allows multifamily investors, brokers, and lenders to upload operating statements without manually mapping account codes to their chart of accounts.

This advanced tool automates the mapping process, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of errors. Each mapping is accompanied by color-coded confidence ratings, enabling users to quickly identify any potential issues that may require further attention. For deal teams, SmartMap+ streamlines the review process for operating statements received from new sellers. With the ability to promptly identify and address anomalies and errors, teams can more efficiently progress through the underwriting process.

Watch our video to learn more about SmartMap+!

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For over ten years, redIQ has provided a comprehensive and dependable underwriting service for multifamily acquisition teams, brokers, and lenders focused on mid and large-size assets. redIQ’s solutions lead the industry and support the full underwriting process, from standardizing financial documents to producing a final valuation. With our system, analysis takes less time and decision makers can move forward with greater confidence. redIQ users can close more deals, produce better returns, and spend less time worrying about downside. 

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