Ari Abramson Doesn’t Want You Using redIQ. See why.

Messy rent rolls. Manually picking out financial anomalies. Slow underwritings. These problems used to delay the workflow of Ari Abramson, Vice President of Acquisitions at Continental Realty. Now Ari and his team use redIQ, and everything has changed.

Ari, however, would prefer that other multifamily professionals stay away from redIQ and just stick to Excel. Why? Because redIQ provides Ari an unparalleled competitive edge. Designed exclusively for multifamily, redIQ delivers deep property insights and allows users to standardize rent rolls automatically, detect financial anomalies, generate comp sets using real data, and so much more. redIQ also offers an institutional-grade, Excel-based underwriting model for evaluating deals based on custom assumptions, such as cap rate sensitivities and value-add strategies.

So what? Well, with redIQ, you can screen more deals, bid on more deals, and win more deals, with the confidence that your investment is sound. Less stress, more money. Sound good? So join hundreds of clients like Ari who have found a better way to evaluate and underwrite deals – often in as little as 30 minutes. Hear more from Ari and schedule a demo today.

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