Alvin Wu Doesn’t Remember Life Without redIQ

Alvin Wu is an acquisitions analyst at Mount Auburn Multifamily, where he oversees acquisitions and dispositions and provides macroeconomic research. Alvin uses redIQ daily, and has a warning for anyone who wants to sign up: you might become hooked. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, mastering the system is easy, letting multifamily professionals focus on what matters most to them.

Of course, redIQ offers more than thoughtful design. Among the vast and powerful suite of tools that Alvin and the team at Mount Auburn use on a daily basis, they particularly rely upon the platform’s ability to break units down by renovation status, which allows them to assess a property’s value-add opportunity with both speed and confidence. With insight into the delta between renovated and unrenovated units, determining whether to bid (or pass) on a property has never been simpler.

Watch the video below to learn from Alvin how redIQ can transform the analysis and valuation of multifamily properties.

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