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  • redIQ Introduces Support for Single-Family Rental Deals


    redIQ has released support for single-site, single-family rental deals in dataIQ. Upload and analyze SFR deals like you would any other.

  • Berkadia VP Jeff Coles on Why Single-Family Rentals Are Trending


    Hear from Berkadia VP Jeff Coles about why single-family rentals (SFR) is having its moment, how his team evaluates deals, and more. 

  • redIQ Introduces SmartMap+: Expedited Mapping of Operating Statements



    Rely on redIQ to quickly map operating statements during the process of uploading them to our online solution, dataIQ.

  • Deal Highlight: Harbor Group Sells 1,722 Units



    Congratulations to the team at Harbor Group International on their disposition of six assets made up of 1,722 units.