Power Your Multifamily Underwriting Model with QuickSync

Your multifamily underwriting model. Powered by redIQ.

You’ve been there. As you get up to leave the office, a new deal comes across your desk. You have to cancel your plans, order Seamless, and underwrite through the night.

If you relied on redIQ, a new deal would only mean a small delay before heading out. redIQ processes and standardizes rent rolls and historicals in minutes, producing clear charts that break down loss-to-lease burnoff, rent-to-occupancy trends, and more. Every deal also feeds the platform’s robust comps feature – meaning each deal you screen adds to your vast database of hyperlocal comp sets, providing you with intelligence that goes deeper than the market level.

The best part? That’s just the initial analysis. redIQ gives you two powerful options when it comes to exporting your data to a multifamily underwriting model. You can use our model, valuationIQ, to sync directly with the platform. Or…keep using your own, thanks to our Excel add-in, QuickSync.

Because of its simplicity, speed, and power, QuickSync will become your most-clicked button in Excel. Press it to instantaneously populate your multifamily underwriting model with redIQ data and head out the door. Any template. Any platform. PC, Mac, Excel online, doesn’t matter.

We could write a whole book about QuickSync, but instead we’ve made a helpful video for you to watch. Check it out above, and schedule a walkthrough of QuickSync today.

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