From Chaos to Clarity: Streamlined Pipeline Management

Introducing redIQ’s Pipeline Report 

Do you find yourself drowning in spreadsheets, emails and other disjointed information about your deal pipeline?  

redIQ’s Pipeline Report streamlines multifamily asset management at every deal stage, from sourcing, to acquisition, holding, and disposition. The Pipeline Report allows managers to view property data at a glance, easily revealing valuable insights.  

Below, you’ll get an in-depth overview of the pipeline report and the ways in which it can help you manage your pipeline more efficiently than ever before.  

Company-wide Visibility 

The Pipeline Report works in sync with redIQ’s multifamily underwriting platform. Every deal with a defined status is added to the report. The whole team gets visibility into your deal pipeline, streamlining collaboration. You can even share deals and reports with stakeholders who do not have redIQ access.  

Pipeline Stages 

Below is your view at the highest level. Here, you’ll simply see the status of each deal.  

In this view, you’ll immediately see the distribution of deals and their progress. Assess the pipeline for bottlenecks in the process. Next, you’ll be able to show details for any stage(s) you’d like to focus on.  

Customizable Reports 

Next, let’s focus on our active deals to demonstrate the power of the custom reporting capabilities. In this example, we’d like to know if our documents are up to date for all the deals we’re actively pursuing. We begin by choosing the correct fields to show in the report. Then we arrange them and voila, we get a quick answer to our questions. At a glance, we see the last time we uploaded rent rolls and historicals, and the name of the Broker we can call for more details.  

The power in the Pipeline Report lies in the various data points you collect about each property. Customize the report’s columns to fit your priorities. Arrange and show the data that matters most and exclude the data that doesn’t.

The custom reporting capabilities allow for tailored analysis focusing on the metrics that matter for your specific business goals. The Pipeline Report is flexible and adapts to your ever-changing needs.  

From Chaos to Clarity 

When critical information is readily accessible, you’ll spend less time looking for data, and more time acting on it. Instead of rummaging through your files for the most recent rent rolls, you’ll immediately know which properties are missing them, and who to call to find them. Instead of hunting down expense data from various sources, you’ll see all your current expenses for every property, at a glance.  

With redIQ’s underwriting platform, you’ll eliminate tedious work, so you can spend your precious time on strategic initiatives. How will you spend your time? Building deeper relationships? Refining assumptions based on market trends? Expanding into new markets? Finding opportunities for greater profitability?

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