New Feature Highlight: QuickSync and Preset Assumptions


At redIQ, our product and engineering teams work to turn feedback directly from our extensive list of clients into new features and the best possible multifamily underwriting experience. We’ve started 2020 strong, with the release of two new features designed to make using our model—or yours—faster, easier, and more reliable.


Our first major product release for 2020 is an Excel add-in called QuickSync, which allows users to automatically populate any Excel model with their data from redIQ with just the click of a button. We developed this feature based on the invaluable feedback of our clients, and worked closely with many of them, like JLL, in its iterations.

Some of QuickSync’s most powerful features include:

  • Reduces friction points and facilitates an easier workflow
  • Reduces human error and improves version control
  • Makes it easier to leverage your data from redIQ to build repositories of hyperlocal comp sets
  • Works with Mac, PC, and Microsoft Excel online!

For teams that rely on a proprietary model for an edge on the competition, QuickSync accelerates the underwriting process by eliminating the need to manually copy and paste data from redIQ to Excel. No more swapping between standardized deal documents and the model – instead, simply press a button and watch your template populates instantaneously. With fewer steps along the way, multifamily brokers, investors, and lenders can get back to what matters most to them, whether that’s building relationships, sourcing deals, or visiting properties.

To learn more about redIQ and QuickSync or to request a demo, click here.

Preset Assumptions

For those users who use redIQ’s own proprietary model, valuationIQ, Preset Assumptions allows them to create standardized assumption templates for different deal types. After saving a set of assumptions, all users on an account may apply that template whenever they generate a model, keeping everyone on the same page. Teams that have a broad range of assumptions can store as many sets as they need.

With this functionality, users can get a jump start on their underwriting process. Save time, lower the possibility of human error, and eliminate the tedium of assumption input going forward.

To learn more about redIQ and Preset Assumptions or to request a demo, click here.

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