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Trusted by top institutional multifamily acquisition teams, brokers, and lenders to transform deal documents into full underwritings for more than ten years.

dataIQ standardizes raw deal documents, transforming them into actionable intelligence.

Users can quickly begin underwriting with standardized data through one of our two solutions:

Stop worrying about maintaining your own model with valuationIQ, redIQ’s proprietary model that streamlines multifamily underwriting.

Want to continue using your own model? Rely on our Excel plugin, QuickSync, to place standardized redIQ data directly into any template

redIQ is the trusted industry leader for end-to-end underwriting support, from standardizing financial documents to producing a final valuation.

For over ten years, redIQ has provided a comprehensive and dependable underwriting service for multifamily acquisition teams, brokers, and lenders focused on mid and large-size assets. With our service, analysis takes less time so decision makers can move forward with a high degree of confidence.

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