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redIQ has transformed the analysis and underwriting of multifamily real estate transactions. Our platform automatically extracts data from property financials in seconds, generates deep insights, and offers a sophisticated, Excel-based underwriting model. redIQ slashes the time it takes to evaluate a property, allowing you to take a deal from processing to underwriting in as little as 30 minutes. That means you can screen more deals, bid on more deals, and win more deals, all thanks to redIQ.

With redIQ users can:

  • Take a deal from raw files to full underwriting in as little as 30 minutes
  • Upload, clean, and analyze rent rolls instantaneously
  • Spread and map operating statements with mere clicks
  • Standardize your chart of accounts automatically
  • Generate comps from the most reliable underwriting data sets
  • Produce powerful, Excel-based underwriting models
  • Harvest insights from every deal that crosses your desk

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redIQ is the leading multifamily analytics and underwriting tool in the industry. We got to where we are today thanks to enthusiastic and loyal clients, including six of the top 10 acquisitions teams and eight of the top 10 brokerages. We are the trusted source for better insights, faster underwriting, and smarter investing.